My journalism career started after I quit my digital marketing job and was browsing Twitter at 1am (silently freaking out at my decision to resign) when I saw that a glossy mag was in need of an urgent feature for the following day. Thankfully they didn’t have time to check my credentials as I had no portfolio to speak of. 

Now I am a freelance editor & journalist for a variety of glossy magazines and national newspapers and use what I have learnt to coach female entrepreneurs in the art (because it is an art) of getting press coverage. 

As well as journalism and coaching, I also sit on various content panels, run workshops and events and collaborate with other creatives on lots of different lifestyle and wellness projects. 

In true icebreaker, getting-to-know-you away day, fashion, here are three quick facts about me: 

  • No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July is my favourite book of all time. 
  • Early on in my career I interviewed Malala and her father for a Marie Claire feature and forgot to turn on the Dictaphone!
  • I have a Labrador but will politely wait for you to tell me about your miniature poodle before I show you a slideshow of my pooch.