I’m a freelance editor & journalist for a variety of magazines and newspapers, specialising in lifestyle content and first-person think pieces. 

Currently I work inhouse at Red Magazine Online writing SEO-optimised features, curating lifestyle galleries and creating social media and content strategies. 

When not at Hearst offices in Leicester Square I can be found in overpriced artisanal coffee shops writing for Marie Claire, YOU Mag,, Good Housekeeping and, curating shopping galleries for The Evening Standard Online and covering various cultural events for The Sunday Times

I have also previously written for Fabulous Daily, Prima, House Beautiful, Huffington Post, The Plus Paper and XXY Magazine. 

 Not to break away from the journalist stereotype, I am also currently in the process of writing my first novel and am an active member of a variety of content panels, helping give feedback to brands and PRs about features and upcoming campaigns. 

I am available for commissions, desk cover and social media planning.